With manpower of over 1,500 and 20% of which working abraod, the RAGT group is developing two complementary businesses in order to meet the challenge of an ambitious, innovative and competitive agriculture: an agricultural and garden activity in its region of origin (Rouergue Auvergne Gévaudan Tarnais) and a seed business in nearly 50 countries.

A strong identity

The challenge for RAGT today is to consolidate an identity that makes this company one of a kind and therefore strong, in a diverse and ever-changing environment and especially in an area that is regional, national, European and going global.

Fostering values

All-round adherence to the values promoted within the group is recognised as an important part of the corporate philosophy whilst ensuring a certain diversity of personalities is maintained without which there is no community spirit. These shared values are :

Professionalism, rigour, work,

modesty, mutual respect,

ambition, audacity and authenticity

A local HR policy

Faced with the constantly growing business lines, both in terms of complexity and versatility, RAGT implements a local human resources management policy, in close liaison with its employees, with the dual objective of strengthening and revitalizing the company’s identity and its operations, while benefiting from the input of new skills.

Profile of our manpower

Amid a backdrop of constantly growing business lines, we are recruiting women and men attracted to agriculture, boasting technical skills related to the profession, excellent social skills to drive teamwork and an ability to adapt by showing dedication, versatility and a high degree of responsiveness. To be proactive in our international development, our employees must also have language skills.

You too can become part of this adventure by working in a high-stake strategic sector within our teams.

Want to share our values and ambitions? Then join us by sending us your application to :