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RAGT Semences

RAGT Semences selects, produces and markets seeds in major field crop and livestock species. It is established in some 50 countries across the world through its 20 sales subsidiaries.

RAGT, innovative research

RAGT Semences registers 230 varieties in 32 species per year : maize, straw cereals (soft wheat, durum wheat, barley, triticale, oats), forage grasses, amenity grass, sorghum, oilseeds (sunflower, rape), soybean, pulses (pea, tick bean), soil health plants (mustard, radish).

RAGT Semences invests nearly 17,2% of its annual turnover in varietal innovation and has fitted its research subsidiary out with resources to match the European continent :

  • 400 breeders and technicians (80 engineers and doctors in engineering) 
  • 21 research centres across Europe
  • 63 experimental plots
  • 4 multi-species laboratories : technology, plant pathology, biometrics, biotechnology
RAGT Semences - illustrations

Sales contacts across Europe

RAGT Semences has nearly 300 sales representatives in its 20 subsidiaries, who live alongside farmers and distributors in the agricultural world on a daily basis. 

Product expertise

RAGT Semences has a database called the SEV® Système d’Evaluation Variétale (Varietal Evaluation System), in which the results and findings of tests carried out on its varieties are recorded.
Every year, hundreds of thousands of data are entered and provide dozens of agronomic or technological criteria that can be crossed to fine tune the positioning of varieties. The breeders use SEV® to sort and select lines and the RAGT Semences product managers for varietal knowledge, regionalisation of varieties, varietal instructions for use and positioning with regard to outlets. This reactive tool enhances the genetic progress provided by the varieties created by RAGT Semences. 

Innovations for all


In agriculture :

Nearly one in five hectares of farmland is planted with RAGT Semences varieties. 



In human food :

Nearly half of the packets of pasta sold in France are made from durum wheat semolina from RAGT Semences varieties. 

RGT Planet spring malting barley, the most widely chosen variety for seed production in recent years, was promoted as the preferred variety by the Malteurs de France and Brasseurs de France.

At the same time, RGT Planet is continuing its growth in Europe and beyond.

Group of happy children lying on green grass outdoors in spring park

In leisure :

Many sports fields and golf courses are sown with turf varieties developed by RAGT Semences and marketed by Les Gazons de France.

In 2022, the RAGT Group and its subsidiary Les Gazons de France became official suppliers to the National Rugby Centre in Marcoussis. From now on, the French teams will train on RAGT turf.