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RAGT Energie

RAGT Energie, a subsidiary of the RAGT group, is a research and consulting company specialising in energy recovery from biomass.

It experience as a seed company and animal feed producer has prompted the RAGT group to diversify into bioenergy, a real growth factor for the agricultural world.

Since 2006, RAGT Energie has been developing its biomass energy activity from wood, agriculture and industry. Our research has given rise to a new type of fuel: CALYS agropellets.

Since 2007

The CALYS agropellet

The CALYS agropellet is formulated from regional plant by-products. The concept is territorial recovery of by-products with a view to transformation and local resale. Since January 2007, RAGT has been marketing CALYS pellets in the Midi-Pyrénées region. Given the growing demand from users located in other regions of France and with ecology concern in mind (very favourable energy efficiency), we have developed the CALYS concept at national and international level through a franchise.

RAGT Energie currently works with manufacturers in various sectors (waste recovery, food industries, agricultural industries, wood industries, etc.) seeking to recover their by-products by offering an efficient agro-fuel for local recovery.

Today, as a leader in its field, RAGT Energie is rolling out its experience in analysis and formulation in order to provide you with efficient and sustainable solutions for the recovery of your energy by-products.

Thanks to its acknowledged experience in the field, RAGT Energie supports many manufacturers in engineering missions on biofuel production processes as well as thermal processes (combustion, gasification).

In order to maintain its market leadership, RAGT Energie is invested in national and international research programmes along its own themes.

RAGT Energie is a vector for the energy transition and is eager to bring agriculture on board in the energy mix of tomorrow.