Spain: the future RAGT Semences plant
is getting out of the ground

The RAGT Semences Iberian subsidiary will soon be equipped with a brand new manufacturing tool. «When we acquired the Palencia site in 2004, RAGT bought a slightly outdated plant that had not really benefited from investment programs», recalls Stéphane Zielinski, the director of RAGT Semillas.
The desire to make the Iberian Peninsula a basis for the development of RAGT Semences in the Mediterranean basin has encouraged the business line to equip its subsidiary with a new high-performing tool. “We started from a blank page,» explains Stéphane Zielinski. «Everything has been done to guarantee our customers high quality seed. The building, the process and the accesses have been designed with this in mind and we will be equipped with new machines».

The current plant produces at the rate of 2.5 tons of seed per hour, the next one will be able to produce 8 tons of seed per hour.

RAGT Semences counts a total of 17 research stations, 21 commercial subsidiaries and 45 research programmes.