RAGT Semences completes acquisition
of Seed Force in New Zealand and Australia​

Linked to Seed Force New Zealand and Seed Force Australia since 2006, RAGT Semences
is consolidatingits position in the Pacific by taking full control of these two companies.

The agreement on which the stakeholders have been working for the past few months has been finalized in the last few days.
« This development comes after 14 years of very close collaboration, made possible by the very strong relationships that have been built between the people of our Companies », said Laurent Guerreiro, Managing
Director of RAGT Semences.

For the French Seed Company, the multi-species portfolio makes it one of the leaders on the European markets, the New Zealand and Australian territories represent two real growth platforms, with the possibility of developing
a wider genetic offer there in the future.This ambition was made possible thanks to the work carried out by Seed Force New Zealand and Seed Force

Australia, that over time have established a strong presence in their respective markets and developed a brand that is now well recognized.
«This acquisition is fully in line with our strategy of opening up to all markets in which we are able to provide varietal solutions to farmers and to all our partners,» explains Laurent Guerreiro.

Thanks to a strong presence in two of the most strategic southern hemisphere markets RAGT Semences also intends to increase its presence
in another strategic region : the South-East Asian markets.This takeover by RAGT Semences will strengthen the workforce of both companies respectively corresponding to 25 and 29 people.

Both General Managers, Bruce Garrett for Seed Force New Zealand and Dale Skepper for Seed Force Australia will report directly to Samuel Gasté, Head of the development of our global activities within the “New Markets” Territory.

RAGT Semences prend le contrôle de Seed Force en Nouvelle Zélande et en Australie
RAGT Semences prend le contrôle de Seed Force en Nouvelle Zélande et en Australie