Pulses and Soybean


RAGT Semences, creator of new products and major breeder PEAS RAGT Semences’ pulses portfolio branches out with a winter pea and two spring peas LAPONY is the new winter pea product for 2019. A yellow-grain variety, LAPONY is an all-rounder because it combines resistance to cold, high yield, excellent protein content and good lodging resistance. ORCHESTRA: best 2019 spring pea registration! ORCHESTRA is a half early yellow-grain variety with excellent yield potential and high protein content. This is a real asset for plant protein manufacturers! OSTINATO, semi late spring pea with yellow grains, a balanced variety combining high yield (2nd best yield in registration), good protein content and easy to harvest with a high plant height at maturity. SOYBEAN The major soybean breeder, RAGT Se mences has the winning varieties with the best registrations in the 3 earliness factors. RGT SPHINXA: best registration in group 000. RGT SPHINXA is an end of group 000 variety with a high potential and a very good protein content. RGT SPHYNXA also stands out for its excellent stalk strength and high TSW. RGT SAKUSA : best registration in group 00. RGT SAKUSA has very high yield potential with a good protein content. Its 1st pod height is high and its lodging behaviour is good. RGT STRAVIATA: best registration in group I. RGT STRAVIATA is a variety with very high mid group I potential and good lodging behaviour. RGT STOCATA : group I variety that combines a good yield with a high protein content and big TSW. RAGT Semences has the winning varieties !