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Our commitment​s

CSR, a process that is structured !

For 4 years, a new regulatory provision has been applicable to us : each year, the completion of an Extra-Financial Performance Statement.
Our Extra-Financial Performance Statement is an entry point for the management of our CSR process, through:

  • The identification of 11 main risks and opportunities for the Group, mapped through our materiality matrix
  • Defining our policies and commitments to control them
  • And monitoring indicators to measure our performance

Our strategy is based on three areas of work:

  • A sectorial focus:
  • An environmental focus:
  • And a social focus: protect our collaborators and develop their skills

Our CSR approach tends to develop in line with the dynamic trajectory of our Group. Continuing to integrate it into all of our activities and into the Group’s strategy is essential if we are to be a partner of the agricultural world, creating innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow, as we intend to be.

To learn more in a few minutes, view our CSR reporting synthesis :

Exercise 2021/2022

Exercise 2020/2021

Exercise 2019/2020

For more informations, consult our Extra-Financial Performance Statement :

CSR REPORT 2021-2022


English version

DPEF 2020-2021


French version

DPEF 2019/2020


French version

DPEF 2018/2019


French version

Wage parity Indicator

Within the UES RAGT, wage parity indicator between men and women for the year 2022 is 87 points, with the following results levels:

Index Égalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes
Pay gap indicator
37 points
Individual salary rise gap indicator:
20 points
Promotion rate gap indicator
15 points
Indicator of employees having benefited from an increase in the year following their return from maternity or adoption leave
15 points
Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the ten highest paid
0 point

RAGT signed a new collective agreement in 2020 about professional parity and life quality at work, recalling in particular professional equality between men and women and professional diversity are essential for each one and company development. This agreement also fix commitments on this subject.

A support and a partnership with farmers​

A strong cross-industry commitment​

Engagement interprofessionnel fort - Logo ISF

Local actor support

The RAGT group, a major economic stakeholder in its region of origin, is proactive in this area, thereby contributing to its dynamism.
For decades, it has been involved in the local community with sports clubs and organisations by way of “citizen sponsorship“, which each year means:

sport disciplines
Team RAGT on important sports events